Teacher Education – The Institutions That Offer Good Programs In The US

Teacher education is an important period as this is when every person, who undergoes it, spends the maximum amount of time in its formative cradle. Teacher education is also popularly known as teacher development and teacher training.

To speak specifically about the program, teacher education trains graduate students to work as teachers in schools. This course is a necessary prerequisite for any person who wants to get into the profession of teaching. Here, the aspiring teacher not only receives theoretical knowledge such as lessons and lectures, but also gets enough practical experience of teaching. Further, this course attempts to teach new developments in the field to an aspiring teacher, so that he can excel in his field of specialization. Moreover, comprehensive training is offered in methodologies of teaching, material preparation for classes, evaluation standards and procedures, management of the whole class, and curriculum development.

In almost all the good universities of America, graduate programs are offered in teacher education and training. An important quality of these courses is that they not only give you complete theoretical knowledge, but also aims to create a band of leaders, who understand that education is the most important part of a person’s life and thus give their heart and soul to this profession. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is a government body that grades the quality of programs offered by universities for teacher education. Further, this body accredits schools and colleges across the whole country. Set up in 1951, this body sees to it that all educational institutions maintain a high level and quality of education.

Information on some of the leading universities that offer programs for teacher education is provided below. This will help people to identify their area of interest and also provide a better insight into teaching as a profession.

University of California in San Diego is one of the leading educational institutes in America. It offers major, minor, undergraduate, graduate, as well as post graduate programs in education studies. Even doctorate degrees are available for those teachers who want to further enhance their studies. This university also offers two special programs, namely Master of Arts in Deaf Education and Master of Ed. Credential programs in multiple subjects.

Another renowned educational institution, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, also has some special teacher education programs for students who want to become trained as a teacher. They have two graduate level programs, namely the Mid-Career Math and Science program (MCMS) and the Teaching and Curriculum program (TAC). They also have an undergraduate level Teacher Education Program, which is in fact one of the oldest in the whole country.

Teacher Education Programs

It is important for all teachers to be continuously learning. A lot of teachers go through college and then get hired by a school and do the same things and same routines year after year. This becomes redundant and as new technologies and new studies come out teachers need to be knowledgeable on new teaching concepts and new material. For many years there weren’t any programs that were required for teachers to learn of new educational technology and new ways of teaching. Students change every year and with each generation of children, their ways of learning change. Now a days, students need some sort of educational technology to keep their attention and because of this, teachers need to be ahead of the game when it comes to new teaching styles.

A new teacher education program was developed by school and higher education officials to improve teachers teaching skills. Eight states are implementing this program including, Louisiana, California, Colorado, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee and New York. The teacher unions are also backing this program up which is great. Normally teacher unions protect the ineffective teachers from getting fired and keep “bad” teachers in the system because of tenure, but with this new program they teacher unions are starting to see the benefits. By teacher being able to have the opportunity of extra teacher education to help improve their teaching skills, improve their time management, organization, educational technology knowledge and general student motivation concepts, they can help students get better grades and understand the subjects better.

Its common sense that if a student understands a subject more and is taught in the right way with the right educational tools, they will prosper and do well on standardized tests, which help schools ratings and get them a good reputation for parents to want to enroll their children there. This pilot program includes lessons that are critiqued in class by officials and teachers are critiqued on their teaching skills, motivational skills and student participation. Its important to get students to feel comfortable enough to want to participate in class because then they will be able to feel comfortable enough to ask questions to be able to understand the lesson better.

By having the options for teachers to be able to continue their education through this new teacher education program, teachers can get the vital skills that they did not get while in college. In college teachers are taught to be masters on their subjects but not actually how to teach a student. It’s important to not only know your information when teaching, but to be able to actually teach and help students to succeed. With this program in place, these eight states will have a foot forward on other states by teaching teachers the information they need to be able to successfully teach and motivate students. Half of the battle is getting the students to learn the information, the other half is getting them to actually want to learn the material and get good grades.

Online Distance Education Program – How To Improve Your Life While Living It

Getting an education is hard work. Some of that work comes in the form of just making a decision to get one. Graduating from high school can be a daunting experience when you are in your late teens. You are just becoming an adult and have hardly begun to learn how to make important life decisions of your own. Asking you parents or mentors what you should do just confuses you more. Thinking that getting an education is always a good idea, you might decide to go ahead and get one. Then you are faced with a quandary of career choices and wonder which one you should choose. It is important that you choose one and pursue it with all of your heart. Remember what they say about first impressions? They are usually right. If you follow your heart’s motivation, you will find that the education that you are pursuing is the right choice for you. Here are some insights on making some of those decisions and the benefits of getting an education from an online distance education program.

The major motivating factors behind getting an education are money and reputation, what one is thought to be by others. Taking the opportunity to increase the potential of increased income is always a worthy venture. Statistically, getting an education does that for you. The average wage earned in 2005 by a college graduate was $51,206. The average wage earned by a high school graduate was $27,915. The average wage earned by those with no high-school diploma earned was $18,734. Even in an unhealthy economy, $51,206 is a lot more than $27,915 or $18,734. Which one would you rather have?

Reputation comes with being an expert in your field. For the most part, I think, the expertise that we come out of high school will be a reputation of another sort. I remember priorities in high school being relationships, foot ball, dances, and other assorted illegal substances. But there are those who realize the importance of taking a career aim while in high school that will give them a great head start in life. They hold off on the fun stuff like going to work right away and getting married. They put a priority on their education and delay the gratification that some of us pursued so vigorously in high school.

You didn’t see much of this group. They stayed in the shadows of mathematics and science. They always had their noses in their books. They actually held intelligent conversations with their teachers. I don’t know how many times I heard from another student that a teacher was boring. When these students spoke with each other, they were always talking about their studies. I found them very boring and, well boring just like their teachers!

Something happens to an adolescent while in high school. I here it happens earlier with female students than with males. Sometimes we grow up. Realizing that the life we have in the homes of our parents will not last forever, we make the decisions that will last a lifetime. Who do we want to be? What do we want to do? We decide to continue our education, not because high school was so much fun, but we know that we are not yet ready to strike out on our own. If we did now, we would never reach the goals of affluence desired.

Affluance, as a result of education, can be attained at any stage of life. We are taught that earlier is better. The perfect student does perfectly well in high school, does not let the events of life at that age get in the way of a higher cause, chooses a very ambitious college or university program, never misses a class and graduates with honors every time. They also have a lot of interviews lined up with very prestigious companies on the day they graduate from college. They wait at least a year in their first position before even considering taking on a relationship, and when they do, it is with someone like them. They make enough money to be able to afford day-care. And their kids? They grow up to be just like mom and dad.

OK, this does not sound realistic, does it? Some of us mess it up real good and wish for a second chance. While working, and raising a family, we want to upgrade our education so we can get that $51,206 or more. If you are not lucky enough to be close to an educational institution, the internet provides some of the best opportunities to upgrade your educational level through something called an online distance education or an online education program.

An online distance education program is usually self paced so it is easy to fit into a tight schedule. Distance learning is pretty much self explanatory. It means learning from a distance. You can get your education from a university in Arizona even if you do not live in the state of Arizona on the internet today. This kind of education comes with all of the benefits of traditional on-campus education except the requirement to live on campus, socialize on campus, and eat at the campus dining rooms. It even comes with financial aid if you need it. Most of us that desire to upgrade our education level, especially later in life, really do not want the kind of activity level offered by on-campus life anyhow. An online distance education program is a real money saver where you can focus on your studies and get that elusive bump to your annual income that you have always deserved, even while raising a family.